Chapter 2: Mr Bi, Ms Ased and their hidden prejudice

Amidst the bustle of Ulysses‘ working day, he crossed paths with Mr Bi and Ms Ased. Both of them were two managers with the same behaviour. With a distorted perception of their worth, they were convinced of their uniqueness and superiority over others. Ms Ased, ever the diplomat, spoke and acted with impeccable political correctness, masking her true sentiments beneath a thin veneer of politeness.

A keen observer, Ulysses recognised the layers of prejudice concealed beneath her charm. Mr Bi had a peculiar habit of associating solely with individuals of equal or higher hierarchical standing, dismissing those beneath her station with disdain. Genuine praise or acknowledgement for those lower in the hierarchy was anathema to him, never to be uttered or considered.

While Ms Ased may have excelled in some aspects of her role, Ulysses understood the danger of her influence in the workplace. Her distorted perception of worth and the toxic air she exuded poisoned the atmosphere, inhibiting collaboration and fostering an environment of superiority and exclusion.

Ulysses observed this situation with a raised eyebrow. He recognises the eternal flux of workplace dynamics, where individuals like Mr Bi and Ms Ased became trapped in their self-perceived superiority. A behaviourist would emphasise the need for harmony and balance, urging a collective effort where all opinions and contributions are respected, regardless of hierarchical positioning.

As Ulysses navigated the workplace corridors, he chose to steer clear of Mr Bi’s influence. He sought solace in the company of those who recognised the inherent value of every individual, regardless of their position in the hierarchy. Ulysses understood that actual progress could only be achieved when the barriers of order and prejudice were dismantled, allowing the brilliance of diverse perspectives to shine through.

Bi & Ased are fictional characters and personas created based on inspirations from James Joyce, Homer and Heraclitus.
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