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XenodoxoS (means Hotelier in Greek) was established in early 2010. Its’ mission is to help independent Hotels and Resorts of any size, category and destination to achieve global presence in all available sales channels, increase revenues both in Rooms and Food & Beverage, tidy up their day to day operations and costs, and benefit from economies of scale, regarding their Infra-structure, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Purchasing, Human Resources and many new, innovative services and concepts.

The Company provides management and consulting services from A to Z to all types of hotels. It offers various forms of cooperation, from a full management contract to tailor-made services in specific areas where hotels need support, such as services to enhance sales. After a meeting with the owners and an analysis of the financial information provided and the potential of sales, the Company is are able to propose an action plan and a form of cooperation that meets the specific needs of each hotel.