Danae Stratou | Website

Danae Stratou is an artist whose work consists of large-scale installations and audio-visual environments. She uses various media ranging from digital and audio technology, video, photography as well as metal or natural materials.
The artist uses a minimal, geometric visual language and engages in contemporary issues such as immigration, life in contemporary cities, the growth of population, the relation to the environment as well as political and social tensions worldwide. Representative of her work are projects such as Desert Breath (1997), one of the largest land art installations worldwide located in the Sahara Desert, The River of Life (2004), a video installation recording the flow and rhythm of the world’s seven largest rivers, and Cut – 7 Dividing Lines (2007) a photographic installation that investigates the connections between politically or religiously divided parts of the world. She studied sculpture at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London.


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